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Aevig Huldra retro divewatch

Miyota 90s5

Are you looking for a watch that has the Miyota 90s5 movement at its heart? Look no further and discover the collection of prestigious watches by Aevig. Our unique design in combination with the Miyota 90s5 movement is set to be one of the best watches you have ever owned!

Why you should own a watch with the Miyota 90s5 movement

The Swiss watch movements are seen by most as the best movements out there. At Aevig, we agree that the Swiss know a thing or two about creating movements. We do, however, believe that the Japanese Miyota movements are in many ways superior to the Swiss counterparts. The Miyota 90s5, which is at the heart of for example the Aevig Huldra no date version, is a smooth-running and high-beat movement that functions both automatic and hand-winded. With its 24 jewels and vibration frequency of 28800 per hour, the Miyota 90s5 movement is a high-quality movement that every watch owner would like to have at the heart of his or her watch.

Aevig Huldra teal divewatch
miyota 9015 automatic divewatch aevig huldra

Discover our watches with this premium movement

Have you got a watch with the Miyota 90s5 in your collection yet? If the answer is no, discover our watches with this high-quality movement and add one to your collection. We promise you will enjoy it! Did you know that besides watches, we also sell straps like the Teju lizard strap and premium NATO straps to upgrade your Aevig watch? Discover our complete collection now and place your order. Should you have any questions about our items, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date about future launches.

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