Aevig Huldra retro diver on pre-order.
Rugged handstitched strap

39,00 inc. VAT

Rugged handstitched strap

39,00 inc. VAT

  • oily pullup leather strap
  • 20mm lugwidth
  • 4mm thick
  • 80x125mm length

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A tough and rugged strap. The oily pullup leather strap that comes with the Corvid automatik is now available as seperate. At 4mm thick in a dark reddish brown, perfect for any fieldwatch and goes well with denim and boots. Notice the fat single loop that holds the strap.

Solid buckle and 3mm solid prong. None of that bendy twisted stuff. Accented with handstiched waxed thread.

Only in 20mm lugwidth

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