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Thule GMT

Aevig Thyïlea GMT sportswatch

A titanium sportswatch with GMT function. Retro TV-dial style, 39mm wide, 48.5mm lug to lug and 12.3mm thick paired with a comfortable custom-made titanium H-link bracelet. 100m WR.

Exclusive Thyïlea / Thule GMT watches

GMT sportswatch

Are you interested in the exclusive GMT Thyïlea or Thule watches? This titanium retro GMT watch is inspired by the style of the 70’s. The squared oval shaped TV screens from this age have inspired our design and this shape formed the basis for the Thyïlea retro GMT watch. A tonneau style retro GMT watch case with deep angled corners.

The retro GMT watch is made out of full titanium with anti-scratch coating and a custom-made H-link bracelet where the middle links resemble the TV shape.

Multiple exclusive GMT watches to choose from

Initially there were two versions of the Thyïlea / Thule retro titanium GMT sports watch that you can choose from. One more colour added since, scroll down to see. These exclusive watches contain a GMT complication, which stands for Greenwich Mean Time. Through the Seiko NH34 GMT, high beat 21600 bph, automatic movement. This allows you to set a second time zone on your retro titanium GMT watch. This is a useful feature if you travel frequently or if you need to keep track of an additional time zone.

Aevig Thule GMT sportswatch, titanium watch

Initially, the Thyïlea GMT consisted of two colors: midnight blue and dusk brown. Merlot fumé has been added since then.

When catching the light, the fumé sunburst dial shows a range of colours in dancing rays.

Aevig Thule GMT sportswatch, titanium watch
Aevig Thule GMT sportswatch, titanium watch

Titanium retro GMT watch case finish: brushed or bead blasted

brushed or bead blasted

For our titanium retro GMT watch collection there will be two choices for the case finish available. You can choose between satin brush or bead blasted. Fine satin brush has a nice sheen while the subdued bead blasted finish looks more rugged.

Both are treated with a scratch resistant coating, to keep your timepiece looking good.

Are you interested in different design watches also? We offer a variety of other titanium sports watches and exclusive vintage watches too.

New Colour

Merlot fumé

One new colour option is added to the GMT. A deep Merlot fumé sunburst. Feedback requested more options than just the blue and brown. The Merlot adds a sophisticated touch to an otherwise sporty watch.


Do you want to buy one of our exclusive GMT sports watches? Then contact us and order your own model. Our Thule retro style titanium sports watch costs € 749,- including VAT, making this one of the more affordable GMTs out there.

Buy now before stock runs out.

limited numbers availlable.

Sync different. Add a TV-dial watch to your collection. Seiko workhorse automatic movement, full titanium, scratch resistant, sapphire crystal and custom H-link bracelet.

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