Shipped from the Netherlands. €17 EU and €25 rest of the world.

Forward thinking design

Retro 60s and 70s inspireds

Custom-made high quality watches

Aevig Huldra green custom-made watch

Vintage style dive watches

At Aevig we sell our own unique collection of vintage style dive watches. Would you like to add a premium timepiece to your collection? Discover what we have to offer and select a watch of choice to add to your wardrobe.

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Vintage style dive watches with a modern touch

If you are a fan of vintage-inspired items and watches, our vintage style dive watches make the perfect accessory for you. The designs for all our watches are created by ourselves, inspired by stunning Nordic timepieces from the past. During the design process, we incorporate new technologies and features into our watches inspired by vintage designs, to create a retro style. This way, we treasure the past while creating an item that is ready for the future. Take for instance the modern movements by Miyota and the Swiss Luminova that is worked into our watches, which makes it possible to effectively read them in the dark. These are just two of the rich features of today in our vintage style dive watches. Check out our full collection to discover more!

Aevig Corvid fieldwatch custom-made watch
Aevig Thor custom-made dresswatch

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Have you discovered our full collection and found an item that captured your attention? Place it in your basket and complete your order so you can wear your Aevig watch soon! Because who does not want a vintage-inspired dive watch with a unique design in their collection? Should you have any questions about our company or our watches, feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form on our terms page.

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