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Aevig Huldra retro diver

A favourite returns.
The Aevig Huldra retro divewatch was the first divewatch in the Aevig collection. The new version 2 has many minor changes and will have the much requested date option. Two additions to the original three colours are the blue/black and green dial.


retro diver

The Aevig Huldra, a distinct 200m water resist retro dive watch. The design is reminiscent of dive watches from the late sixties to the early seventies. A cushioncase without crownguards paired with a comfortable jubilee style bracelet.

vintage barrelcase diver Aevig Huldra

Take it to the beach or the boardroom. The Aevig Huldra is tough and sleek, casual yet serious ready for any circumstance.

Aevig Huldra orange vintage diver

Divewatches have been around for decades and one of the most popular styles to date. How to create a unique look. Details like the Aevig hex logo carry over to the markers setting it apart from the mainstream.

Aevig Huldra teal divewatch

Date or no date

Each of the five colour options can be had with or without date. The date is set at six ‘o clock in a trapezium window with a custom font.

Aevig Huldra green gilt retro diver

Classic lines with unique touches combined in a compact 42X46mm case makes the Aevig Huldra a comfortable daily wear for wherever you may go.

Aevig Huldra green custom-made watch

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