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In use, the Thule rocks a unique charm without shame, and if you’re sick of seeing the same trends recycled in the micro-brand space, you’ll find something to love here from Aevig.

The Thor is an XL dress watch with a broad appeal. Not only newcomers will appreciate the Thor, as I’m sure it can also make a good impression on more experienced watch fans. It sure did here at Fratello HQ.

This sunburst is just out of this world. It’s perfect. I’ve handled plenty of similar dials, but this exceeds almost all that have previously graced these tender, gentle fingers. And the TV dial design is a blast from the past that I am fully on board with.

What is key here is that TV dials were big in the 1970s, when they seemed edgy and futuristic. Aevig took that 70s avant-garde sensibility and refined it with a Gentaesque flat bezel and sleek, angular lugs to create a handsome, contemporary piece.

"Aevig Huldra Watch Review" Watch it all about

“So, to sum it all up,
I have to say that Chip Yuen has done it again”

So, to sum it all up, I have to say that Chip Yuen has done it again. Such a transformation from “just” small changes tells all about talent, skill and eyes for details. I won’t blame you if you can’t pinpoint all the small changes at first look, but after spending a few minutes with it, you’ll understand what I mean. Getting the Huldra V2 funded in just one hour shows how sought after this watch has been and if you have pre-ordered your favorite Huldra V2, hang in there and be patient, you’re in for a treat!

- Anders Törmä, A Chickenwrists Delight -

The Thor is a true gentleman’s timepiece. Boasting vintage style, you can’t go wrong with this dress watch. Well sized and sophisticated looking with lots to offer, this watch has it all.

“this watch has got a lot of self-confidence and charm,”

As I mentioned earlier, I get the feeling that this watch has got a lot of self-confidence and charm. Put it in a room with other, classic and more expensive brands, the Valkyr will not be bothered and try to be anything other than what it is, a charming, stylish, vintage inspired watch with a lot of attitude.

- Anders Törmä, A chickenwrists delight -

Then you have something like the Aevig Thor that is hitting all the right notes, at least for me. Give that case a classy and classic profile, but don’t be afraid to up the dimensions a bit for modern tastes

Given the storied history of the Balaur, it’s a mini miracle that the design eventually got to production! I must applaud Chip’s courage and conviction in bringing the Balaur to life after all that has transpired. In part, this illustrates why I love microbrands so much – the passion their owners have for their projects is incredible.

Oh, and speaking of comfort – the straps on the 94g Aevig Corvid were amazing. You hear things called buttery smooth, and these straps are the very definition. Super-soft, they immediately mold to the wrist.

A quick look, and they look like a field watch should; simple and effective. But when you REALLY look at them you realise it takes a heck of a designer to make faces this complicated, with so many functional features, look so uncluttered and restrained.

Näin ollen hän on jo saanut mainetta ja seuraajia kelloilleen ja on jonkin verran etumatkalla muihin vastaaviin merkkeihin verrattuna. Aevigin mallit myydään yleensä loppuun eli jos tämä Corvid kiinnostaa, kipin kapin verkkokauppaan.

Stop what you’re doing and go buy this watch!!! Just kidding, but I really do like the hell out of Aevig Valkyr. It’s one of the more interesting takes on a retro watch I’ve seen in sometime, having a ton of personality and a lot of style too.

With the Valkyr, Chip has captured the best aspects of some 1970s sport watch designs, updated them with a contemporary palette, and infused them with his own personality, creating watches with marvelous character. He has also managed to deliver them at a very reasonable price.

My entourage is used to see me every time with a different watch. While I was wearing the Valkyr, I was often asked what is that watch on my wrist? Is it the strap, is it the bronze, it’s shape, or maybe all of them? For sure this is not a watch that will go unnoticed.

In conclusione consiglio questo orologio, anche a prezzo pieno, per chi cerca un diver con ghiera interna, preciso, solido e impermeabile 300 metri.
È disponibile sul sito anche una versione in oro rosa e cinturino in pelle, molto interessante…

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