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Thule sportswatch

Aevig Thyïlea titanium sportswatch

A titanium sportswatch. Retro TV-dial style, 39mm wide, 48.5mm lug to lug and 12.3mm thick paired with a comfortable custom-made titanium H-link bracelet. 100m WR.


titanium sportswatch

The Aevig Thyïlea or Thule in modern spelling harks back to the funky 70’s. Television captured the world over but before technology in the mid 90’s gave birth to flatscreen TV’s and then widescreen, the predominant TV shape was kind of a squared oval

This shape formed the basis for the Thyïlea sportswatch. A tonneau case with a deep angled chapterring that draws you in. Full titanium with anti-scratch coating and custom-made H-link bracelet where the middle links echoe the TV-shape.

There will be two versions of the Thyïlea / Thule. Seen here is the 3-hander with date. If you like a GMT complication you can opt for the 4 hand GMT.

The Seiko NH35, a true workhorse 24 jewel, automatic movement powers this sportswatch. 21600 bph for a smooth sweeping secondhand. A modern mechanical wonder at competitive pricing compared to Swiss counterparts.

For the timebeing the Thyïlea will be offered in two colours. Midnight blue or dusk brown. Two new options added, scroll down to see. When catching the light, the fumé sunburst dial shows a range of colours in dancing rays.

Case finish


Case finish will be a satin brush which ads a subtle silver sheen to the full titanium case and bracelet.

On top of this the titanium is treated with a scratch resistant coating, keeping your timepiece looking great.

Aevig Thule GMT sportswatch, titanium watch
Aevig Thule GMT sportswatch, titanium watch

New Colours

Merlot and burned orange

Your feedback resulted in two new exciting new colour options for the Thule titanium sportswatch. Merlot fumé and burned orange. The deep Merlot adds a sophisticated touch and the burned orange screams cocktails on the beach.


The Aevig titanium retro sportswatch costs €599 inc VAT. Grab yourself your favourite colour now. Limited quantities of each colour variant only.

Buy now before stock runs out.

Sync different. Add a TV-dial watch to your collection. Tried and trusted Seiko automatic movement, full titanium, scratch resistant, sapphire crystal and custom H-link bracelet.

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