Shipped from the Netherlands. €17 EU and €25 rest of the world.



retro sportswatch

The AEVIG Valkyr, a retro sportswatch

The boxy shaped Valkyr is reminiscent of the 1970’s edgy futuristic styling. Bold appearance and colourfull accents, the perfect accesoires to make a statement while being stylish.

Sharp defined lines, bold clear colours, minimalist styling in a sporty package ready for action.

Precision movement

Miyota 9015, the Toyota or better yet the Lexus of Japanese automatic movements. Smooth running high beat perfection that rivals any Swiss competitor. A far newer design compared to the established age old Swiss movements, the Miyota 9015 is a marvel of engineering and performancewise just keeps on ticking.

Low stock

Originally available in 6 configurations including a bronze case. Now only stainless steel variants are left. Pick one up while they last.

Time is honey

Live life to the max

The Aevig Valkyr, move up to the fastlane.

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