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Aevig Valkyr retro sports watch

The Aevig Valkyr retro is the sports watch of all sports watches! This retro model comes in a boxy shape and reminisces of the edgy futuristic styling from the 70’s. The bold appearance of the Aevig Valkyr and its colorful accents make this the perfect accessory for a style statement.

The precision movement of the Aevig Valkyr

The Aevig Valkyr is one of the popular models out of our collection of special watches. This model can be described as an accessory with sharp defined lines, clear bold colors, and minimalistic styling in a sporty package that is ready for action. Action is definitely something to be assured of when you buy this watch with its Miyota 9015 movement. This movement can be called the Toyota, or better yet the Lexus, of the Japanese automatic movements. Its smooth-running high-beat perfection rivals any Swiss competitor. The Miyota 9015 movement is a far newer design compared to the established age-old Swiss movements; it is a marvel of engineering that just keeps on ticking.

Aevig Valkyr sportswatch

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The Aevig Valkyr model was available in six configurations, including one with a bronze case. It will be rare to see one in the wild! Production numbers for Aevig watches are low making them unique in your collection. Of course, you are free to check out our other premium watches that are designed in the Netherlands as well. A great alternative to the Valkyr is the Thule. Have you added a watch of your choice to your shopping basket? Then complete your payment and benefit of your new timeless accessory soon! Should you have any questions about us, please get in touch with us via the contact form on our terms page.

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