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Aevig Huldra green custom-made watch

Microbrand watches

Get to know our microbrand Aevig and discover our full collection of unique watches! Microbrand is a catchall for watchbrands that are operated by a single person or a very small team of creatives. Besides being small companies, the number of watches produced per model usually range from 300-1000 pieces only making them instant collectables and rare over time. Aevig was founded in 2013 out of passion for vintage mechanical watches. Like microbreweries in the beerindustry, the microbrand watches brands, strive to offer a unique take on the status quo of big corporations. Read further to discover more.

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Microbrand watches that last a lifetime

In this day and age of quick throwaway consumerism where is the quality of the past? This is something that we at Aevig understand like no other. We believe that, like time itself, quality design and materials should last. Therefore, our watches are manufactured with only high-quality materials, such as the Miyota 90s5 movement, to ensure that your Aevig watch will last a lifetime. We do not see watches as throwaway items, but as functional and durable accessories, with which our customers represent who they are and can pass along for decades to come.

Microbrands create a resurgence in mechanical watches.

Mechanical watches are back in the picture. For many years now microbrands offer an alternative to the big Swiss names in giving you more choice in unique and affordable luxury. A unique mechanical timepiece not only is a functional object, it requires no battery and no softwareupdates to run. By choosing an Aevig watch you receive a timepiece that sets itself appart from the crowd with unique details in timeless design.

Aevig Corvid fieldwatch custom-made watch
Aevig Thor custom-made dresswatch

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Has one of our  watches inspired by Scandinavian design captured your attention? We recommend you order it now to start your collection. Our premium items are only available in small quantities, so we cannot guarantee it will be in stock for much longer. Would you like to receive additional information about our microbrand or any of our GMT dive watches before ordering? Get in touch with us via the contact form on our terms page and we will be at your service.

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