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Deluxe calf strap

49,00 inc. VAT

Deluxe calf strap

49,00 inc. VAT

  • deluxe calf¬† strap
  • premium construction, full remborder
  • 3mm thick
  • 80x115mm length
  • 20mm lugwidth

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Handcrafted in Germany with fine calf leather. This stunning strap was made exclusively for AEVIG. Custom designed to go with the Aevig Thor dresswatch now available in brown to switch it up or for any watch with 20mm lugwidth.

20 to 18mm gradual taper with a slant tip. Near straight but with a subtle gradient for a bolder look. Perforated calf lining for better comfort and longer lasting use.

Fully remborder stiched. The leather is folded around the core and stiched through to the backing.

The buckle is an Aevig custom design signed with the Aevig logo. Prong and buckle are solid stainless steel, polished to a mirror shine.

80x115mm length

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