Firehose strap

45,00 inc. VAT

Firehose strap

45,00 inc. VAT

Available in 20 or 22 mm straight, no taper

  • 4mm thick
  • 80mm x 125mm 9 holes adjustment for wrists 5.5 inches to 8 inches.
  • brushed stainless steel buckle
  • Colourway: crimson red or dark navy blue (white or black stitch)*.

*actual colour may vary slightly to the pictures


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Aevig firehosestraps

These firehosestraps are made from decommissioned firehose. The firehoses get decommissioned when they spring too many holes or are cut shorter than minimal lenght for use in the line of fire. Zoos sometimes use them as rope for gorillas as ordinairy rope isn’t strong enough.

After a lifetime of service, they are cleaned up but still contain a lot of character. This heromaterial is put back into action as rugged watchstraps.  Want a sturdy strap? Look no further this material has went to hell and back and is still begging for more.

The red straps are cut and sewn in a way that still show the scuffs, scars and tarring of intense use. Each pair of straps will be different to the next set however are as closely matched in pair as possible. Shown in the pics are the extremes in colour variation. A pair will be randomly picked when you order.

The blue hoses were used for potable water and therefore have seen less hazardous action.

Initially the straps may be a little stiff. Bending it before use or leave it curled up in a small cup overnight will help to form it around your wrist for comfortable wearing.